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Art is the highest form of human communication, an assurance that there is more to see than we often observe in our frenetic and distracted world. You play an important role in the experience. The story you construct is as much a part of the art as the original intention, the ink, the pen, the color, the design. I invite you to hear your own story as you enjoy.

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, the Big Skies of Montana, the verdant hills of Central California, and the powdery beaches of Hawaii, Dr. Elizabeth Archer Klein works to heal through beauty, sacred walks, life-coaching, and redevelopment work. Educated at Stanford University, Fuller Theological Seminary, and The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, she is an ordained Presbyterian Minister, a Reiki Master, and an aspiring Dressage rider. 

She supports many efforts to care for Creation because of the mutuality necessary in loving the Creator. A portion of the proceeds of her work benefit such causes.


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Stanford University
Studied American art: political and cultural messages. 
Advised by noted experts in Grand Wood, and the Regionalism Movement.

Graduate Theological Union
Studied art with a focus on theological understandings and interpretations. Classes on using art in worship.

London residency
Focus on historical, political, equine, and canine art. Klein holds a doctorate in leadership with a focus on how art, and visual messages change perception, and prejudice.


Regular art studies with Carlo O’Connor and Betty Mears. Workshops from Eric Weingart, Stephen Quiller, Kathy Miller, Erin Rigney, and Ted Nuttall.

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