Encaustic painting is one of the oldest of mediums. It uses beeswax to protect, preserve, and add luminosity. Roman historian Pliny the Elder mentions it in the 5th Century BC. Homer recalls the power of the painted ships which carried Greek warriors to fight at Troy. I love the luster of encaustic, and how it glows. Using several methods for blending the wax and color, shapes and patterns emerge unexpectedly and provide insight and delight.



When our pastor mentioned how we in the Puget Sound may not see Mt. Rainier for months, I was struck by the powerful notion of presence even when there seems to be absence. The Mountain reminds me of all that is unseen that stands watch over us. My show “31 Views of Mt. Rainier” is created to give you comfort when you feel your purpose is oblique, and a sense of wonder when revelation occurs. The scenes are both obvious and obstructed, emphasizing different views of our life and journey.

Encaustic 13
Encaustic 4
Encaustic 5


Human ears are created to best hear the sound of birds. 
They speak to us of habitat and safety.
Listening to them restores our souls.

Bird 8
Bird 4
Bird 1
Bird 3
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Bird 6